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We provide a comfortable option for you and your home. Our house cleaning services are the top choice of the buyer in the Stockwell market. By having hundreds of clients from across all of London, it is our responsibility to always uphold our professionalism and standards.

So if you need to get your home thoroughly cleaned, then we are the people you can rely on. The entire team behind the service is professionally trained and we make sure, that when we have a job to do, it is done perfectly and the client is completely satisfied.

We like to inform our clients of how the service works. That is why, every new client who contacts us has the house cleaning service explained to them thoroughly, and there are no details about the SW9 area that are being left out.

Cleaners Call Stockwell

If the client however gets lost along the way, we remind them that they can ask questions if they feel like it. We have the answers to everything for the service and we want our clients to be properly informed, not confused and not blindly pay for something that they do not need.

Booking the appointment for the house cleaning service is simple and after the client does it, it is up to us to arrive at their home one time. We would also expect from the client or someone from the household to be home as well so that there is someone who can let us in. If no one’s home there won’t be a service.

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    House Cleaning Price
    Spring, Deep Cleaning£22
    Windows Cleaning£55
    One Off Cleaning£21
    After Builders Cleaningfrom £23
    Regular Cleaning£20
    cleaners call house cleaning

    After we arrive at the client’s home we do not waste any time. We get to work right away, thoroughly cleaning every single room and not leave any corners or nooks unchecked.

    When we carry out our house cleaning service, we use cleaning products that are as effective as they are safe for the users’ health and the environment. Along with the cleaning products, the equipment we are using is also professional and enhances our performance.

    “I’m very pleased with the quality cleaning Alisson and Jenna did last Monday. They cleaned all mirrors at home, and the floors of the two bathrooms were sanitized without us even telling them to do it! You’ve got yourself a new loyal customer.”

    I am a proud owner of one of the cleanest homes in the area thanks to hard-working cleaners of this company. I booked the house cleaning service for a regular maintenance and I love how my home looks after the cleaning session. It literally sparkles! I strongly recommend the service.


    Stockwell is an area within London Borough of Lambeth, south London. It is only 2.4 miles south of Charring Cross. In the past Stockwell used to be one of the poorest districts of London, but today it is an up-and-coming area mostly because of its close location to Central London and its fantastic transport connections.

    Stockwell, together with South Lambeth, are the places which boast the largest Portuguese communities in the United Kingdom, also known as “Little Portugal”. Most of these Portuguese come from Madeira and Lisbon. They have founded plenty cafés, restaurants, bakeries and restaurants, which today attract great number of locals as well. This area is also home to many Caribbean and West African people. There are many lovely parks nearby, such as Kennington and Clapham. This charming and friendly sense of community will surely win your heart. You will love it.

    Our house cleaning service has been responsible for most of the successful home-cleaning cases in Stockwell. For years we have been perfecting our skills, various ways of cleaning and removing stubborn dirt stains and spots without affecting the surface at all. Our cleaning solutions consist entirely of nature-based materials with strong cleansing powers and you needn’t and you can rest assured your home and all the items in it are safe while undergoing a thorough cleansing procedure provided by our most diligent cleaners.

    You can schedule with us any day of the week and even on weekends. We also work on bank holidays for the customers’ own convenience, regarding their own opinion and preferences. Based on how you would want us to clean your home we offer a number of effective cleaning solutions that will most definitely solve your dirt, dust and dirt problems once and for all. Hiring a professional to take a handle on your cleaning chores is rather necessary if your goal is to maintain a healthy and clean house-environment, which is sometimes harder than it seems when you have a job and a family to look after.