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If you need a thorough cleanup of your home, you can get our house cleaning service. We are a team of professionals in the Morden field, and we have worked long enough and serviced enough homes to know what needs to be done no matter how big or small the task is.

Book an appointment with us, and we will be with you, right on time and get to work right away, cleaning up every square inch of your home and upholding our standards, leaving you completely satisfied and happy for choosing our services.

Every new client who comes to us is treated like everyone else – with equal quality, respect and professionalism. Before the client books an appointment for the house cleaning service, they need to be introduced to it. This is done, to insure them whether or not they actually want the service.

Cleaners Call Morden

The introduction consists of everything that is going to happen from the booking of the appointment to the completion of the service, including SW19 details. Every client gets this info thoroughly explained to them.

During the introduction the client can ask questions if he thinks that there is something that they did not understand. We have every Morden answer that they need and we give it to them. The client should not be confused and should not blindly pay for anything.

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    House Cleaning Price
    Spring, Deep Cleaning£22
    Windows Cleaning£55
    One Off Cleaning£21
    After Builders Cleaningfrom £23
    Regular Cleaning£20
    cleaners call house cleaning

    When the introduction is done, the client can get an appointment and from that point on, we take over, first making sure that we will arrive at their home right on time. We need from the client or someone from the household to be home as well so they can let us in. Otherwise we will leave.

    The cleaning products that we are using during the service are either homemade or carefully selected to be as effective as they are safe for the environment and everyone’s health. Along with that, the equipment we are using is completely professional and enhances our performance.

    “I recently started a second job to make some extra money for my dream trip to Tibet. Even though my apartment is small, now I can’t find the time to clean it properly and that’s why I use your help. Your technicians are polite and do a fantastic job”

    I used to be a fan of cleaning the unit by myself but after booking once your house cleaning service that is history. I hire your housekeepers on a regular basis now and thanks to them my home is always squeaky clean. Now, I have a lot more free time to be with the ones I love.


    One of the oldest districts in London, human presence in Morden, London, dates back to the Iron age. Celtic tribes used to occupy the area, yet, the first significant thing that built in Morden was a famous Roman road. Today, despite the fact that London continues to expand and slowly begins to consume this beautiful suburban district, a few original Morden buildings have survived, especially the ones in Morden Park.

    Morden Park is the place where you should spend most of your time between November 16th to December 14th – because, during the annual Christmas festival, Morden will house a Christmas craft workshop. There, you’ll be able to unleash your creativity and create something unique. There are various other things to do at the Christmas market, we guarantee that you’ll love it.

    The best place to eat Italian food in Morden undoubtedly is Verona. The restaurant is awarded winner for being excellent by trip-advisor, 2015.

    The house cleaning services of our company are great for all those people who are too busy to do the chores on a regular basis. We are a reputable and reliable cleaning company that has been in the cleaning business for many years now. Our mission is to provide customers from Morden with the most efficient cleaning session imaginable.

    We can guarantee an outstanding outcome. We encourage you to give us a call right away so that we can schedule you a convenient appointment. Then our cleaners will visit you on time to do all the chores for you.