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If you lack time or dislike doing housecleaning chores we are the right service for you. Located in Lee and with over 4 years of experience cleaning houses and apartments using methods and techniques that date back 20 years, our professionalism is everything you need to achieve the desired end-cleaning result.

Your house or an apartment has the potential to shine from cleanliness and we are the best people for the job- we always strive to provide our customers with just the results they desire.

The customized cleaning plan we can draw up for you(optional) will help you follow the cleaning process more thoroughly and understand the cleaning solutions that have been applied to you home-environment.

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We are one of the few house cleaning services in Lee that hire only skilled and professionally trained cleaning technicians to ensure the utmost best results for our customers. They are very friendly, diligent and capable young people who have inherited the cleaning methods and techniques of many and good cleaners before them.

Their knowledge and experience will make for the perfect, impeccable results that you deserve- you do not need to be present while the cleaning is taking place, rest assured your property is in good hands with us.

We are capable of performing an entire house cleaning or a single, partial cleaning. The type of the cleaning chore does not matter to us- we will take it off your hands and provide you with smashing, outstanding professional results that are especially hard to remain unnoticed.

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    House Cleaning Price
    Spring, Deep Cleaning£22
    Windows Cleaning£55
    One Off Cleaning£21
    After Builders Cleaningfrom £23
    Regular Cleaning£20
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    Your guestroom and bedroom will be deep-cleaned using the best equipment on the market- that means that every single service of your house will receive special attention and care, every corner and object will also experience the effective cleaning of our diligent specialists.

    The carpets will be swept, vacuumed and steam cleaned if need be, dust under the bed and the furniture will be removed and those areas will be sanitized. Our cleaners will always walk the extra mile and try to satisfy your needs for cleanliness completely.

    “Our neighbors went on vacation and left us to look after their flat. Unfortunately our son took advantage of the empty flat and threw a party. They made a catastrophic mess so we used your cleaning services. It was highly effective and super cheap. The neighbors never found out.”

    Whenever your cleaners come, I can count on a pristine home. The floors, pieces of furniture and worktops shine like brand new. The staff is always so kind and accommodate special task I may have. I have already and I will continue to recommend your domestic cleaning.


    Lee is a district in southeast London with a rich history and stunning semi-detached houses. With its great transport links and good choice of schools, the place appeals to many families.

    Tucked between Blackheath and Bromley, it offers also a number of open-air spaces. There is a strong community vibe here. The local people are committed to preserving the area’s charm. They have already succeeded in restoring several local landmarks and introducing a couple of planting projects.

    Lee is also a home to young professionals enjoying its numerous fortunes. Here one can see some stunning old buildings, among which Saint Margaret Antioch with its Gothic revival interiors. The property in the area consists mainly of late Victorian and Edwardian houses, however, there are also newly built flats. The largest park here is Manor House Gardens, which includes tennis courts, a cafe, a lake and a playground.

    We are all living in a busy world which often makes us neglect the domestic chores. Hence it becomes harder and harder to be on top of the housework. If you want to be surrounded by an absolute cleanliness, though, without you having to sacrifice the little free time you have, all you need to do is to contact our company at your earliest convenience. We operate in Lee and we deliver great house cleaning services at fair rates. We have been around for several years now and ever since our establishment we have been aiming at providing our customers with the best cleaning service ever.

    We owe our stellar reputation to the amazing colleagues we have. Each of our representatives is kind, polite, experienced and trained to a high standard. When you get in touch with us, you will be introduced to the core of the house cleaning and will tell you everything you need to about the cleaning session. Usually, the cleaning lasts for a couple of hours but, of course, it depends on the number of rooms in the property and their condition. Get in touch with us right away and make a booking with us.