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When people are pressed for time, home maintenance is at the bottom of their to-do list. Yet, in such moments hiring a professional cleaning company certainly brings peace of mind. Here, at Cleaners Call London, homeowners can find trustworthy and capable cleaning experts as well as understanding and loyalty. We have years of experience in the cleaning industry as well as hundreds of satisfied customers.

People work with us because we deliver them a customised cleaning solution at a price that fits their budget completely. Through an individual approach and clear communication, we are able to become well-acquainted with your personal needs and deliver you a service that suits your preferences completely. We know this gives you peace of mind.

When you work with us you save time, money and the most important, efforts. Once you share your request with our friendly call centre agents, they will dispatch a mobile team of professional cleaners to your home in Willesden. Our customer care agents will be available to assist you anytime during the cleaning process.

Cleaners Call Willesden

All our customers receive a house cleaning package containing the main domestic chores as well as the possibilities to add any additional tasks or alter the service. Our representatives will sanitise the kitchen area, make a general cleaning of all other rooms, hoover and wash the floors, clean the bathroom, etc.

If you have a different perspective regarding the cleaning process, feel free to discuss it with our office assistants and they will give our team the respective instructions. Our cleaners are anytime ready to leave their way of working aside and adapt to yours. We would like to deliver you a service that fits your individual needs completely.

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    House Cleaning Price
    Spring, Deep Cleaning£22
    Windows Cleaning£55
    One Off Cleaning£21
    After Builders Cleaningfrom £23
    Regular Cleaning£20
    cleaners call house cleaning

    For customers’ peace of mind, our team was built over the years and consists of assiduous and reliable individuals. All of them undergo a background check as well as an extensive training. When our cleaning crew is in your home, the required cleaning tasks will be covered in a professional and safe manner.

    If you want to learn also about our reasonable rates and flexible schedule options, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are at your disposal all week round in the neighbourhood and the nearby places.

    “Why would I clean an entire house when someone else can do it for me at affordable price. My house is sparkling thanks to your services. Now I don’t have to worry about dusting or bathroom cleaning anymore and I love it. You do your job perfectly!”

    This company is very professional, reliable and a pleasure to collaborate with. The pricing system is very reasonable, especially for the house cleaning. I cannot image cleaning my 3-bedroom home without their help. I would totally recommend the service to family and friends. The best it is! Trust me.


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    Having a whole house to take care of is a challenge itself, but when it comes to cleaning it thoroughly, every now and then, the challenge is more than difficult, time consuming and often tedious. You need to wipe windows; clear kitchen appliances; take care of drapes, floors and carpets; pay attention to furniture, the list is countless. The tasks are so many that most people take some days off to make sure everything is thoroughly cleaned, however, many people often neglect some parts of the interior, or simply don’t have the will to do everything on their own. And of course, many people simply don’t have the time for it. This is where we come in with a great solution for this problem!

    As a professional cleaning services provider in Willesden, we offer affordable, thorough and more than efficient house cleaning service! We will do every task before mentioned and tens others! We will make sure every surface of your home gets the attention needed to clean it perfectly and we promise that the results will make you smile and save our number for the next cleaning session!

    If you live in the area of Willesden you can safely take advantage of our excellent house cleaning service!