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Cleaning an entire home for some people could be a challenge, no matter how big or small it is. That is why we exist, to help people with cleaning up around their home. We are experts in the Tottenham field, we know what needs to be done and we can handle a task any task.

Since we have established this service, we have had tons of clients from all across London, and we have given everything we’ve got so that each and everyone of them could be left satisfied and happy with the choice they have made.

We are accepting clients seven days a week and our costumer support is excellent. After the first moments a client calls us, they are certain that they have made a good choice.

We introduce every new client to the house cleaning service service, explaining to them all of the N17 details and how it all works from hiring to completion. We do this to insure the client of weather or not they actually want to hire the service.

Cleaners Call Tottenham

While we do our best to be thorough, there are cases where the client could miss something and be confused. So we encourage them to ask questions about the topic. We will provide them with the answers they need, we want our clients properly informed and not get confused.

After the introduction is complete, the client can continue to booking their appointment. If something stumbles them, we will provide help and when everything is done, we will make sure to be at their home right on time. We take our appointments seriously, and we do not waste our clients’ time.

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    House Cleaning Price
    Spring, Deep Cleaning£22
    Windows Cleaning£55
    One Off Cleaning£21
    After Builders Cleaningfrom £23
    Regular Cleaning£20
    cleaners call house cleaning

    We would expect from the client or someone from the household to be home when we arrive. There needs to be someone to let us in. If no one’s home, there can’t be a service and we will have to leave.

    As soon as we arrive, we we get to work right away without wasting any time. We quickly set everything up and make sure that in a short amount of time, we have achieved a lot of profess.

    “Our dancing studio needs a great level of hygiene in order to keep our guests pleased and ever since we started working we trust One Off to get the job done. They have just as high standards as we do and we have a great partnership.”

    These housekeepers are so hard-working and reliable. They work from a checklist, moving through each task with an ease. I am a big fan of the company because they always provide me with the desired outcome. Plus, I do not have to pay through my nose for the house cleaning, it is so affordable.


    Tottenham is a huge area in North London, famous for its rich cultural diversity. It boasts beautiful parks, several landmarks and excellent transport links. The Tottenham Regeneration Programme promises a lot of modern living blocks and future gentrification.

    The place offers a good choice of schools and inexpensive property, which is why many families move here. Further, Tottenham is also a home to Lee Valley, the biggest athletics facility in south-east England.

    This sports centre hosted the Invictus Games and international Paralympic multi-sport event. The district includes a number of old buildings and landmarks. All Hallows Church dates back to Norman times and it was a parish church for more than 700 years. Bruce Castle, which was once Tottenham’s manor house is a Grade II listed building from the sixteenth century. It is notable to mention also Saint Ann’s Church, consecrated in 1861.

    Your home can become spotless clean with a single phone call placed to our office in Tottenham. We are a highly-regarded house cleaning service operating all over London and now in Tottenham. We make for an exceptional customized cleanings on home properties of different sizes. Regardless of the cleaning requirements your items and surfaces might need we are ready to provide the cleaning accordingly. Free up your schedule and let us, the real professional cleaners, get a handle on your property. We can promise you your satisfaction and excitements from upon laying eyes on the end results of our cleaning.

    We are perfectly-qualified to undertake any type of cleaning regardless of the dirt’s excessive amount and stains’ level of complexity. Our most applicable cleaning solutions will be applied to make your property experience the most thorough refreshment process and improve the property’s living conditions and comfort.

    You can outsource any chore of your choosing and we will still manage to overcome and defeat the dirt and dust that has taken a hold on it. Be one of the many happy and satisfied recipients of our trustworthy and effective house cleaning services in Tottenham.